Taiping Lake Garden, Perak, Malaysia

The site of a mine Taiping Lake Park was established in 1880, once rich in the rich tin. Rich tin already depleted mine blink of an eye has become a paradise of trees and plants, insects, birds and animals. The former mining pool has become the focus of the park - Taiping Lake.


I believe that the visitors will be glad to recognize that this was once a tin mine in place, now has become a scenic park. Which is located in Perak (Perak) Taiping (Taiping) is my hometown. So whenever I returned home, I always take some time off to the park to shoot some photos.

Lake Park is a people to get rid of a great place full of petrol fumes and stress of city life, so that can make your Yee God raising a good place. The Taiping residents are very lucky to have such an ideal place of leisure. There is nothing better than a stroll in the cool of the afternoon under the shade of time to enjoy nature.

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Jalan Maharajalela, Taiping, Perak 34000, Malaysia

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Taiping weather often rain, a lot of changes in the sky. Find a face of Victoria Peak is the place to stay for a day, and that the change of scenery is enough for me linger. The beauty of Maxwell hill, is one of the reasons I have repeatedly patronize. Not particularly miss the Taiping Lake down to only go for a walk, maybe too many people, ruined Taiping give me the kind of peaceful feeling.

Taiping cuisine is the most important "red beans ice", I heard the whole Taiping is left with only between the old the High tea room selling. Every time I go to be sure to drink round before the end of the journey.