Temple for the Immortal Girl

Temple for the Immortal Girl, or Ho Hsein-ku Miaou, He Xiangu Miau, Taiping, is often a temple committed towards the worship from the Immortal Lady Ho (or He, in pinyin).


As outlined by Chinese mythology, Hé Qiñng is among the Eight Immortals, a group of legendary fairies. He Xiangu originates from Yong Prefecture in Linglin County, Hunan Province, through the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). When she was born, He Xiangu had six extended hair in the leading of her head. In the age of 14-15, she had a dream exactly where a divine becoming seemed to her and instructed her to consume powdered mica, insisting that it would make her immortal. It really is believed that she ascended in to the sky and became an immortal.

The Temple of your Immortal Girl shares the identical compound using the Cantonese Association, or Kwan-Tung Hui-Kwan of Taiping. The association began by Kapitan China Chung Keng Kwee as well as other prominent members with the Chinese society in 1887. It really is intriguing to note that this really is among the examples of generosity of Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee, who's a Hakka in the Hai San society, towards the Cantonese in the Ghee Hin society. Refer also towards the Ng Fook Thong, the United Cantonese District Association, in Penang.