Taiping Zoo

Established in 1961, Taiping Zoo would be the oldest zoological gardens in Malaysia. Though it accomplished notoriety more than a gorilla scandal not too long ago, Taiping Zoo continues to become 1 on the very best managed zoos within the nation. You will discover a great deal of taking place events at Taiping Zoo, just like the thriving Evening Safari, which makes it possible for guests to observe norturnal animals from eight:00 to 11:00pm all year round.

Officially called Taman Mergastua Sultan Idris Shah, Taiping Zoo covers 14.four hectares (34 acres) of land inside the sprawling Taiping Lake Gardens, in the foot of Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut). At final count, you'll find 1300 animals of 180 species at Taiping Zoo. To make an atmosphere that is definitely sensitive towards the animals' all-natural habitat, Taiping Zoo is progressively introducing new open idea enclosures.


Going to hours at Taiping Zoo are 8:30am - 6:30pm everyday, which includes public holidays. Entrance charge is RM4 for adults, RM1 for youngsters. Entry for cameras is RM1 and for video cameras RM5.

For the most recent details on Taiping Zoo, pay a visit to its official web site at http://www.zootaiping.gov.my