Perak Museum

The Perak Museum in Taiping may be the most ancient museum in Malaysia. Sir Hugh Low, the British Resident of Perak, had the Perak Museum built in 1883, to residence the artifacts collected within the Kinta Valley and Lenggong Valley. Resulting from economic constraints, the building was delayed, as well as the Perak Museum was only completed 3 years later, in 1886. The front and back annexes have been added in 1889. An additional two-storey wing was added towards the museum in 1900, to home the growing cultural exhibits around the Malays along with the Orang Aslis, as well as to show zoological samples.


The initial curator with the Perak Museum was a botanist and geologist named Leonard Wray Jr. Mr Wray was instrumental in building the significantly admired organic history and ethnological selections from the museum.


Inside the museum one particular can obtain the skeleton of rhinoceros on show, vintage bicycles, rattan ware by orang asli, a replica with the Istana Kenangan of Kuala Kangsar, as well as replicas of orang asli sheds.


Amongst the things on show inside the grounds from the museum right now are old fighter jets, steam carriages, a sculpture of Colonal Walker, the stone marking from the internet site of Maharaja Lela's Fort, ancient stone slab graves from Sungkai and ancient perahus (canoes).