List of places to vacation in Taiping

Perak is one of the states in Malaysia, which has many interesting sights. It is famous for nature tourism, beach and island, theme parks and other attractions. If you want to relax, calm down and forget about workload or clutter your mind, you can choose any appropriate location from a list of places to vacation in Perak that we share below.

Felda Residence Hot Springs

taiping felda resident hot spring

Felda Residence Hot Springs is an attractive holiday destination for those who want to relax and escape from the bustle of the city. It is one of the places in Perak which was quite popular. This area will be crowded with the public who bring their families during the school holidays. If you're not here during the holiday season, relatively quiet and peaceful atmosphere is perfect for a break up clutter the mind. One is located on the River, located approximately 12 KM from the exit to Sungkai, North-South Expressway. The trip by car takes about 20 minutes to arrive to the destination. Arriving alone in a hot tub recreation center, you will feel quite calm because the green forest trees and palm mengililingi this area.

Natural hot spring area was developed and developed into one of the major tourist attractions in Perak. Various facilities are available to guests including a beautiful and comfortable accommodation, an outdoor shower and a spacious dining restaurant. In addition to bathing in hot springs, Felda Residence Hot Springs also provides a spa and beauty center, massage services and bicycle rental to visitors and likely a attractive taiping resort.

1 night room price for 2 people starting from RM220.

Location / Address:
Felda Residence Hot Springs
Sungai Klah,
Sungkai 35600,
Ipoh City

If you want a more relaxing holiday and free, Ipoh is a tourist destination city with many attractions of its own. It is a suitable location for a family vacation or alone. Many 5-star hotels and cheap hotels that can be selected to suit the budget like potato hotel taiping. Many places in Perak is also available here, including museums, parks, caves and historical sites. In addition, the city also has some unique features such as a collection of paintings and murals are located in the walls of old buildings, bazaars and Gate Memory Lane Night located at taḥwīl Azhar and dine in the restaurant is quite famous Nasi Ganja. For accommodation, the hotels can be selected to suit your budget.

Lost World of Tambun

taiping lost world tambun 

Lost World Of Tambun in Perak is an interesting place that is well known. Its location in Ulu Kinta, Ipoh. It is a water theme park that is very interesting and suitable venue for a family holiday. Various games such as water slides, a wave pool, a river and children's toys are provided for visitors. Furthermore, here too there is Amusement Park with a variety of exciting activities to try.

For a holiday full of activity and excitement, Lost World Of Tambun is the right choice. You will not be bored during their stay here. After the water and try to settle for playing the game are available, you can visit the Petting Zoo, where more than 55 species of animals can be found. Visitors can feed the animals and see the show very enjoyable.

Bukit Larut

taiping bukit larut

If you want a holiday in the highlands of cool and refreshing, Bukit Larut in Taiping is a tourist destination which you can choose. It is the central highland of the earliest developed and has been famous since the days before independence. Although not as powerful as the Cameron Highlands, Bukit Larut remain distinctive charm. The beauty of natural forests, flowering trees, flora and fauna that abound here are quite interesting. Visitors can also see the sights around Taiping up to the Straits of Malacca if the weather is sunny and foggy. If you want adventure activities, you can cross the jungle, tracking waterfalls, birds and other animals that are here. For nature lovers, enjoy the natural beauty, fresh air and peaceful atmosphere at the summit of Bukit Larut is sure to captivate you.

To stay well, there are several bungalows and rest houses that can be rented. Among Cendana Hut, Bungalow Permai View, Beringin, Space, Cendana, Sri Kayangan and Green Mountain Rest House. The price of the bungalow is approximately RM400 per night. Keep in mind, visitors must bring their own food items because there are no restaurants and eateries to dine at the peak of Bukit Larut.

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Another great choice for a holiday in Perak is a very popular Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. It is a theme park resort in the area of water. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of playing a waterslide, a pool and other games that are available here. In addition, visitors can also take a mini cable car and visit the mini zoo located in the resort area.

bukit merah 001

Accommodation facilities such as rooms, apartments and chalets on the water can be selected as appropriate. For dining, several restaurants and cafe are provided. If you want a holiday happy hour in an attractive location, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort certainly did not disappoint.