Maxwell Hill, Taiping

In one location is not visited before, prior to the next little effort to do historical background, as if reading hours, then watch the movie based on the book. At some point, we felt extremely surprised because the real translation of the movie, but sometimes because of mistranslation or improper statements and seemed to lose the trust. However, this will become an expectation.

This is when I came out a high-speed highway to Taiping. However, such a feeling can understand. Taiping has almost everything. Mining for the desert at the end of the first full-fledged open-air (walls), the most severe security of prisons across the country (and even lawlessness in the same room), the first museum and other things, Malaysia's first mountain in summer ground (requirements). The latter is not truly. The first summer resort British attributable to the Penang Hill, at the same time the first Peninsula hill station "Maxwell Hill (Maxwell Hill) title.

The scenery changes fast slewing true. This makes me feel calm amazement. Completely changed things in the past due to time, Fraser's Hill to see some changes, heat to (Jerai) is also true, the Maxwell Hill then is to what extent?


As the plot of the movie, which scenario will be presented before the audience, I dim to sit in situ, then again allowed his mind to enter a period of time, the management of European cultivators plantations, their woman, in order to avoid feel the pressure of the tropical flee went to the highlands to go.

The Maxwell Hill's legend

Shortly after the murder in 1875, the Special Representative JWWBirch, William Edward Maxwell was appointed as the Assistant Special Representative for his timely upgrade began peace and local Malaysian people enraged at the disappointment. He is a well-known the Malay scholars, the customs and induction of locals are very proficient in his compatriots did not and he got. (Larut), Lalu residents live and work.

Taiping surrounded by lush tropical rainforest and alpine Xiaogang is a beautiful and impressive. In the early hours of the morning or after a heavy downpour, one white and easy to cover the huge mist spread throughout the sky. The morning breezes bring cool air prompted Maxell to explore as the northern Indian city-Simla hill station.

Suitable plateau out in the recovery and resort reservations wife of senior officials and upper class people. The other to the visitors need to write a formal letter to stay in this. Here there are some failure of the summer, such as the West Coast of Negri Sembilan (Angsi) Hill, the ancient Selangor (Kutu) Hill, and Thunderbolt leather file (Kledang) of mountain.

Maxwell finally found it in just six kilometers distance Taiping. Narrow Maxwell Hill back and steep climbing difficulty to the vertex. One thousand two hundred and fifty meters on the sea level and is estimated by the bottom of the hill about 13 km, which is a spectacle, the concept of the hill station license in this development. After the completion of the concept, in the 1870s, many adventurers and famous writers such as Isabella (Isabella Bird) and Ambrose (Ambrose Rathborne) happily visiting the Villa. In any case, at an early stage, when the top of the mountain road is really more than a rough road. Visitors can choose to walk, to travel the minivan or use the "mountain chair up the mountain. "Mountain Chair vested in the department of public works, only for disabled people in the early stage. But later there the one called TAIKHO local company responsible for providing the sedan chair service given to a small number of tourists. Other local companies also do justice to the price of goods and daily necessities from Taiping delivery services here. However, Maxwell Hill that the production of daily necessities, such as flowers, milk, butter and vegetables, and even a small amount of exports to the bottom ground. Until the Second World War, when the road has been widened and permit the vehicle up and down Villa. While Pacific again was declared the administrative center of Perak and Indonesia, Japanese civil servants Maxwell Hill as a place to live. He put external fire alarm system in highway construction. Since the highway opened in 1948 (three years after the Japanese surrender), the narrow road climbers away becomes time-consuming. How much blood, sweat, and life was spent in the paving project, which is understandable. The road is indeed prompted this Villa was open the way, or I thought too much?

After reaching the summit, the cool weather to welcome the arrival of tourists. Earlier, a small villa has its own style and name to match them. This name "shacks", "cottage", "WATSON rest house," federal cottage, "SPEEDY's laid-back house", "resting" and "box". These cottages still exist, although some innovation in order to meet the tastes of tourists, but the rest if the Tea Garden Hotel is in the wilting stage. The tea garden is located two-thirds of the distance of the top of the hill away. This hotel was originally created for Perak civil servants use. Here, the slopes have been cleared, and the supply of Assam tea plantations. However, this scheme was not successful plantations into cattle ranches. Was about a hundred years ago and subsequently this forest land in addition to the hotel is almost sufficient to meet any of the activities carried out by the human. This beautiful structure can be rebuilt to become an excellent hotel, but this reconstruction work is very regrettable to find enough funds when they encounter difficulties.

Senior civil servants, family and guests apparently particularly 庞爱麦克斯韦 Villa rulers such as the Strait of concession, described by Sir Frederick (Sir Frederick Weld) - "a lot of time here as if less ruthless like the UK in April strong winds fickle weather each evening we always have passion, this is not due to the cold weather, but it looks particularly bright and refreshing. "(emperor looking the King House S.Robert Aiken). When I stand here, which is not surprising why the British love here. The mist moved to within a half-hour, and then when I have not had time to put on a raincoat, blowing rain came again to leave, the sky cleared again, the sun break through the clouds splash and at the same time absorb rainwater.

This fickle or dull British weather, resulting in many homesick traveler's eyes shed tears. In charge of the hill station and the botanist, Leo that (Leonard Wray) the Europe grow vegetables and flowers such as begonias and Gloxinia test to beautify Villa on sidewalks and gardens. These the scenic gardens also become a special favorite breeding places of the local mountain birds and other animals.

Maxwell Hill for many years almost still remain unchanged. In addition to the telecommunications tower on Castle Peak, the small villa, where there is no development progress. This constitutes Maxwell Hill is Malaysia saved the best hill station ground. In my opinion, the fantasy of an era has blocked border, sacrifice and the great love and the life of the war is undeniable is so beautiful.


When we surfaced in my mind until the foot of the hill, then a man of war, meandering along the defile bouts of cold, he said, "how refreshing". We are playing tennis on the bottom of the stadium in a house surrounded by blue morning glory. Mist coming in each afternoon, people returned to their respective rooms to rest, and burning wood in order to sleep. Afternoon tea, croquet or walk in the pasture on Castle Peak, I saw the weird plants as well as the mountains rhino footprint, this is indeed a little bit and I was scared out of his wits.

The next day we walk forward nine miles, when we again stepped down from the tropics, not ordinary hot feeling can be described, resulting in our combat effectiveness to reduce. (Emperor expectations King House, S.Robert Aiken)

Wonderful period of complete isolation in the past two days, no TV, radio, newspapers - said nothing. Maxwell journey need only nature, a good partner and a good spirit; forget must raincoat.

Draw fresh air, fulfilling life that is worthy of us through life.

Honor of those who protect our people

When we left the Villa, the second world war, a brutal prompted into our eyes. Any one side of the road leading to the Maxwell Villa level stood Republic of the cemetery, placed many tombstone 1941, this group of warriors is to occupy the land of the British Army against the Japanese invade Taiping sky war. This war tombstone is built by the British army after the defeat of the Japanese army, this tombstone from the battlefield, temporary burial land and from villages and other citizens of the tombstone. This cemetery contains two entrances. Christian tombstone establish highway southeast side of the Muslims and the Nepalese soldiers tombstone is located opposite. In 1914-1918, a total of twelve soldiers unconfirmed casualties As for 1939-1945, it is estimated that more than eight hundred and fifty soldiers casualties, however, more than five one hundred unconfirmed. This is just the only war cemetery in Malaysia, in Singapore's Kranji otherwise a British building war cemetery.