Taiping Hotels

In terms of accommodation, Taiping do not have as many to choose from compared to other tourist towns in Malaysia. Hotel Seri Malaysia is located around the Lake Gardens while Hotel Meridian has rooms from RM68 per night. Panorama Hotel and the New Champagne Hotels are also available while Taiping Inn would be a cheaper alternative.


Taiping and Kamunting has changed a lot in the past century. Unfortunately, not all the better. Uncontrolled expansion of cities is undeniable affect its status as a traditional city. There are many treasures of this ancient town, but no attention for it. The old shophouses front demonize use flashy, advertising neon, a cheap innovative materials, old decorative lowered and replaced fussy without describing the role of building-that is Malaysia to be the best. Worrying is when the front of the building is perfect. The internal appearance is destroyed and replaced by strange and cheap paneling and interior decoration cloned.

Malaysia has very beautiful scenery, but the past two decades, recognition and development race has entered a critical juncture. The past, because we have a piece of history, everything that happens in our land and our people - it is still history, can not be erased and forgotten. That is not your or my history. It is, lest we forget it, we have less in the future to become a national. We have carried out 50 years, and can also see another blessing fifty years. As citizens, we should not leave Malaysia, our future generation of the lack of history, architecture, nature, literature, art. In short, the lack of an identity, that we will become, if to prevent the present situation there is no action, how much can be enough?

We had reserch and list out all hotel in taiping for your reservation convenience.

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