Welcome to Taiping, Peak

Taiping is a town in Perak, Malaysia, the 2011 population of 217,647 people. Pacific in the early tin mining development, was the capital of Perak, but in 1937, replaced by Ipoh. Taiping also known as Rain City, because local rainfall more than doubled compared to the other parts of Malaysia.


Taiping, its literal meaning is never safe, is one of the oldest towns in Malaysia. The Ohira formerly known as pull-law, early Chinese miners gang bloody battle.
After in Pingding these disputes, the British colonial government, will be renamed the 'peace'. Located 95 km north of Mile Ipoh at the Pacific between the Malaysian states belong, the earliest a place that has a lakeside park, zoo and museum.

Northern part Perak encompass Larut, Matang, Kerian and also Selama district. The vast majority of population is emphasis near Taiping area. Taiping would be the minute largest township in Perak following Ipoh. It turned out also the capital regarding Perak coming from 1876 to be able to 1937 in advance of supplanted by just Ipoh. Taiping often called typically the rainiest city around Malaysia.

Kuala Sepetang, in the past often known as Port Weld is known as a sportfishing village additionally, the significant getway associated with far eastern fishing area involving Kuala Sanggar. Through the zenith with tin mining, the primary railway radio station on Malaya was initially built from Taiping for you to Dock Weld around 1885.

Kuala Gula, a further fishing commune to the picture is well known for a bird santuary. Every year through the migration season, May until March, predicted over 100,Thousand avian species, 75 unique variety ended up at this point.


Taiping is located at north of Ipoh, about 74km in distance and about 275km from Kuala Lumpur. It coordinates is 4 51'N 100 44'E.

Way to get there:

Taiping can be reach by land, about 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, exiting Changkat Jering Interchange (Exit 146) and 1/2 hour from Butterworth, Penang, exiting Kamunting/Taiping Interchange (Exit 148). While those from Ipoh, you can exit Changkat Jering Interchange (Exit 146). It takes about 1/2 hour.

Thing to do there:

Places to visit:

  • Taiping Lake Garden. Is a serene, tranquil and peaceful man made lakes.
  • Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill. Is hill resort.
  • Taiping Zoo and Night Safari.
  • Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.
  • Burmese Pool. A natural water slide.
  • Kuala Sepetang Fishing Village.
  • Matang Charcoal Factory.
  • Matang Mangroves Forest.
  • Kuala Gula Bird Santuary.

Places & Food to eat:

  • Fresh seafood at Kuala Gula.
  • Curry Mee at Kuala Sepetang. (afternoon only)
  • Taiping "Chee Cheong Fun".